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Blue, Violet, & UV modules

405nm Violet Laser Diode Module

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We offer a variety of blue, violet, and ultraviolet IQ (Instrument Quality) laser diode modules to suit your unique needs. For your applications requiring high power violet output, we now offer a 405nm 185mW IQ! Or for applications with lower output power requirements, users may choose a circular or elliptical beam version of our 405nm 50mW IQ. Also available is our 4mW blue IQ at 473nm, as well as our 16mW blue module at 440nm. And for those in need of UV output, we also offer an 16mW IQ at 375nm.

Each of our blue, violet, and UV IQ modules features a PID temperature controller and precision current source, providing exceptional stability of wavelength and output. Because of their compact size, efficient nature, and relatively low cost, these modules are ideal replacements for far bulkier, costlier, electrically inefficent gas lasers. Most applications that use Argon-Ion, Helium Cadmium, and blue Nd:YAG lasers can take advantage of this cutting edge technology. Applications include laser-induced fluorescence, confocal microscopy, high-resolution printing, flow cytometry, and Raman spectroscopy.

473nm 4mW Blue Laser Diode Module     Features blue output at 473nm. Beam circularization available via microlensed diode or anamorphic correcting prisms. Beam modulation also available.
440nm 16mW Blue Laser Diode Module   445nm 40mW     Yields 16mW of blue output at 440nm. Available with round beam and modulated output.
405nm 185mW Violet  Laser Diode Module   405nm 185mW     Our highest power violet module to date! Produces 185mW of output at 405nm. Beam modulation available.
405nm 50mW Violet  Laser Diode Module   405nm 50mW     Produces 50mW of violet output at 405nm. Beam circularization available via microlensed diode or anamorphic correcting prisms. Analog and digital beam modulation also available.
375nm 8mW UV  Laser Diode Module   375nm 16mW     Features UV output at 375nm. Round beam available via anamorphic correcting prisms. Beam modulation also available.
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