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Laser Diode Datasheet

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The following product datasheets are available for you to download in .pdf format. If you have any questions not answered within these documents, email us or give us a call!

•• IQ6 Long Coherence Length Laser (1,100k)
•• IQ7 Speckle Reduced laser (1,400k)
•• Blue, violet, & UV laser diode modules (313k)
•• Infrared viewers & accessories (584k)
•• Single mode, broad area, DFB, DBR, & tapered amplifier laser diodes (1216k)
•• Dual beam combiner (207k)
•• Instrument quality (IQ) laser modules (200k)
•• DPSS modules & systems (936k)
•• Mounting bracket options (276k)
•• DPSS modules & systems (936k)
•• PNF machine vision laser modules (750k)
•• MK machine vision laser modules (3,100k)
•• RS laser modules (188k)


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