IQu2C (Configurable Platform)

Quick Overview

Microprocessor Controlled, Ultra Stable Laser Module with Circularized Beam
For applications requiring circularized output and exceptional temperature control, the redesigned IQµ2C is the perfect solution. The IQµ2C incorporates a PID temperature controller and precision current source, providing increased stability of wavelength and output power. Beam circularity is achieved via a pair of anamorphic prisms.

The microprocessor controlled module offers precise control over crucial operating parameters by two methods: an on-board, menu driven, local control or a Windows compatible control and monitoring software via USB ( Universal Serial Bus) or an RS-232 interface. The module is available with multiple wavelengths ranging from 375nm to 1600nm inside the same module package. With output powers of <1mW to 1W and ambient operating temperatures of 0 to 40° C, the module performs extremely well in numerous applications. Some of the applications that can benefit from the reliability, controllability and stability of the IQµ include flow cytometry, laser-induced fluorescence, bioanalysis, interferometry, raman spectroscopy, interferometry, high resolution printing, and microscopy.

For users interested in a CW module that emits circular output via microlensed diode, our IQµ1C is available.

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3.8mm, 5.6mm, 9mm, C MOUNT
Minimum Wavelength (in nm)
Max Wavelength (in nm)
Operating Mode
Minimum Power (in mW)
Max Power (in mW)
Power Stability Over Temp. Range
Noise RMS(10Hz-5MHz)
Max Laser Drive Current
Rise/fall times - digital (ns)
Modulation Signal
Beam Shape
Elliptical or Circular
Beam Divergence (1/e2)
User Focusable
Polarisation Ratio
>100:1 at 100% power
Beam Pointing Stability
Operating Temp Range (celsius)
5 - 40°
Temperature Stability (celsius)
Operating Voltage (VDC)
5 - 13
Max Operating Current (mA)
Module Dimensions (Inch / mm)
1.50 x 7.52