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532nm 10mW OEM Laser Module, CW Low Noise <0.5% RMS
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532nm 10mW OEM Laser Module, CW Low Noise <0.5% RMS

Additional Information

Wavelength (nm) 532
Output Parameter CW
Power (in mW) 10
Max Power (in mW) No
Output Power Stability 2% per 8 hrs
Output Power Stability @ 25c No
Power Stability Over Temp. Range No
Output Power Noise (rms) No
Noise RMS(10Hz-5MHz) <0.2% RMS and <0.9% p-to-p
Noise RMS(10Hz-20MHz) No
Output Power Noise No
Transverse Mode Structure TEMoo
M^2 / Beam Quality < 1.2(typ. 1.05)
Beam Size 0.9 ± 0.2 mm at exit
Beam Shape Circular
Ellipticity 0.95 -1.05
Beam Divergence (1/e2) 1.1 ± 0.2 mRad
Beam Properties No
Beam Pointing Stability No
Polarization State Linear
Polarization Orientation No
Polarization Ratio > 100:1
Spectral Width No
Coherence Length No
Single Longitudinal Mode
Operating Temp Range (celsius) 15 - 35°
Module Dimensions (Inch / mm) No
Head Dimensions No
Head Dimensions w/ Heat Sink No
Dimensions (in) 14.8 x 112mm
Driver Dimensions w/ Heat Sink (mm) No
Weight 0.1500
Spatial Mode No
Operating Voltage (VDC) stabilized 3.3-3.5 V DC, max. 1.4A
Operating Voltage (AC) No
Heating Power <4.6
Warm Up Time No
Computer Interface No
Laser Safety Class IIIb
Warranty 1 Year

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