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Pair Mounting Brackets for 1.0 inch (25.4mm) diamter laser modules
MB5 and MB6 are fixed position mounting brackets that feature three 1/4-20 mounting holes on the bottom for added stability when securing module to optical bench or incorporating into an OEM application. The center hole can be used as a pivot location. MB5 accommodates lasers with a diameter of 25.4mm (1 inch), such as PMA, PMT, PMH, ACM, and ACMT. MB6 secures modules with a diameter of 38mm (1.5 inches), such as APM, APMT, IQ1A, IQ1C, IQ1H, IQ2A, IQ2C, IQ2H, PPM, and PPMT. Option MB6 includes two brackets (a pair) for optimum stability.

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