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PNF Laser Module

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Uniform Intensity Line Generators 

             Power Technology, Inc. introduces laser modules designed expressly for Machine Vision applications including 3D Profiling & Mapping, Dimensional Scanning, High-Speed Road & Rail Inspection, Web Inspection, Fluorescence, and Illumination. In addition, Power Technology, Inc. provides an array of custom design and manufacturing services which include high and low volume production, custom engineering, customized connectors and beam profiling.   

PNF™ Series Lasers with new Variable Focus™ Technology

             The PNF™ Series lasers can deliver from 0.1mW to 200mW of output power with a wavelength range between 375nm and 2330nm. Additional design features include uniform intensity (non-Gaussian) line generators, unique Variable Focus™ Technology, high wavelength stability, high optical power stability, and CW or optional digital/analog modulation up to 100MHZ. The PNF boasts the highest output power and fastest modulation speeds of any similar laser module on the market today.

            The PNF Series of Machine Vision lasers can be configured for optimal performance at close or long range. PTI’s unique Variable Focus Technology allows the user to calibrate the focus of the module and then re-tune the line generator for optimal performance. The PNF Series of high-power light lasers are uniquely engineered to ensure that even the most demanding requirements can be addressed.    


  • Drop-in replacement for existing lasers
  • Line generator with even intensity power distribution
  • Optional collimated output
  • Choice of Fan Angles: 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90
  • ESD protection
  • Over voltage protection

IQ7 speckle reduced Laser Module for machine Vision

            Local interferences can cause unwanted speckle noise within your laser system and degrade your important images. The IQ7 Laser Speckle Reducer allows you to significantly reduce speckle noise and improve image quality. The IQ7 dynamically diffuses the laser’s coherent beam to ensure speckle reduction efficiency. Diffusing angles of 1, 10 and 20 provide maximum versatility for a range of uses. This device can be used in beam homogenization, 3-D scanning, metrology, microscopy and interferometry applications to remove local interferences. The IQ7 Laser Speckle Reducer for machine vision is available in wavelengths from 405 to 808nm with three different circular diffusing angle options.

CK™ Series Laser Module- Power, Stability, and Performance   

            CK™ lasers are high-performance, full-feature diode laser systems with available power levels from 1mW to 130mW. The CK can serve as a standard, drop-in replacement for multiple laser manufacturers. It delivers power, stability, precision temperature control and performance in a small, compact package. Key features include superior beam quality and various modes of operation consisting of CW, TTL Digital or Analog modulation outputs at speeds of up to 150MHz.  An array of customizable optics are available including various spot sized, various diameter collimated beam sizes, pattern generators, line generators, and even intensity generators (Top-Hat Profile). All electronics, optics and thermal management are built into the laser head and each system includes a full-feature cable that accesses all the components. It’s one of the easiest lasers to operate and uses Windows control software which is included. 


IQ™Series Instrument Quality Laser Module with Microprocessor Control  

            The IQ™ laser is the most controllable and stable laser module on the market. The microprocessor controlled laser offers precise control over crucial operating parameters by two methods: an on-board, menu-driven, local control or a Windows compatible control and monitoring software via USB (Universal Serial Bus) or an RS-232 interface. The module is available with wavelengths ranging from 375nm to 2330nm inside the same package. With output powers of 1mW to 1W the laser can operate over 0 to 40C. This makes it ideally suited for numerous applications requiring exceptional stability like machine vision, laser-induced fluorescence, bio-analysis, interferometry, Raman spectroscopy, high-resolution printing, and microscopy. Additional IQ features include superior optical quality, CW, TTL or Analog modulation and a circular or elliptical beam.                          

MK™ Series Industrial Grade Precision Laser Module

              The MK™ laser is a high-power, industrial grade precision laser with wavelengths in Visible, 780nm, 808nm, 915nm, 976nm and 1064nm with power levels from 150mW to 8W. The versatile MK Series laser can operate in CW, TTL digital, or Analog modulation mode. It’s most unique feature is its customizable optics which include various spot sized, collimated beams, even intensity line generators, pattern generators, and Gaussian line generators. The MK features a very rugged design suited for extreme industrial environments. It has an active temperature control insuring a constant temperature for the laser diode to insure maximum wavelength stability. The MK can also provide light delivery via fiber optic or free-space.  

All of the lasers above can be used with our line of Industrial Grade Band Pass Interference Filters. These filters are designed specifically for Machine Vision Applications.

Laser safety is always our top concern. Please review our selection of Laser Safety Eywear. We carry both allignment eyewear and full safety eyewear Industrial Grade Band Pass Interference Filters. These filters are designed specifically for Machine Vision Applications.

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Please contact our Machine Vision Specialists at (501)850-4578 or machinevision@powertechnology.com to discuss your application.


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