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Power Technology Laser Products

The GPD Series laser modules are designed expressly to host laser diodes that do not have their own internal photodiode. The GPD overcomes this challenge by integrating an internal photodiode after a collimating lens. The stability of this configuration cannot be matched by inexpensive DPSS lasers.

The PNF Series of Machine Vision lasers are designed expressly for applications such as 3D Profiling & Mapping, Dimensional Scanning, High-Speed Road & Rail Inspection, Web Inspection, Fluorescence, and Illumination. The PNF boasts the highest output power and fastest modulation speeds of any similar laser module on the market today.

The CK is an Instrument Quality laser and has been created specifically to address the needs of high-end OEM applications.The CK provides superior optical quality and ultra-stable wavelength and output powers The CK features an onboard microprocessor allowing for advanced integration and user control.

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