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Uniform Intensity Line Generator at 650 nm. 1 mW total power
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The PNF laser was designed expressly for 3D Machine vision applications including 3D profiling or mapping, dimensional scanning, high-speed rail or road inspection, web inspection and florescence. The uniform intensity line produced by the PNF directly supports these applications. PNF Lasers can deliver from 0.1mW to 200mW of output power from 405nm to 2330nm. Additional features include high beam pointing stability over temperature, high optical power stability, and CW or Optional digital/analog modulation up to 500kHz. The PNF Series of machine vision lasers can be configured for optimal performance at close or long range. PTI's unique Variable Focus (TM) Technology allows the user to calibrate the focus of the module and then re-tune the line generator for optimal performance. In addition, Power Technology offers an array of custom design and manufacturing services. These include high and low volume production, custom engineering, customized connectors and beam profiling. Higher output powers are available. Consult the factory for more details. PNF Part Number Nomenclature PNF – xxxL – xxx – xx – xx – xx xxxL, Line Thickness: 101L Short Field of Depth (Thin Line) 201L Long Field of Depth (Thick Line) 100 No line, Collimated xxx, Wavelength xx, Driver Option: Blank No Option (Constant Current or Constant Power AL Analog voltage controlled level ALI Analog voltage controlled level, Inverted D Digital TTL Modulation up to 500KHz DI Digital TTL Modulation up to 500KHz, Inverted x15 Constant Power External Potentiometer 3/4 turn x16 Constant Power External Potentiometer 1/2 turn x25 Constant Current External Potentiometer 3/4 turn x26 Constant Current External Potentiometer 1/2 turn xx, Output Power xx, Fan Angle (Blank for 100)

Additional Information

Wavelength (nm) 650
Color Red
Wavelength Tolerance 640-660
Spectral Width No
Line Width No
Single Longitudinal Mode No
ASE Suppression No
Power (in mW) 1
Output Parameter CW or Digital Modulation
Polarization Ratio No
Polarization No
Polarization State No
Polarization Orientation No
Laser Safety Class No
Temperature Stability (celsius) No
Beam Size No
Beam Shape Even Intensity Line
Beam Shapes No
Beam Divergence (1/e2) No
Speckle Contrast Cone Angle 1° No
Speckle Contrast Cone Angle 10° No
Speckle Contrast Cone Angle 20° No
Spatial Mode Single
User Focusable Yes
Beam Properties No
Beam Pointing Stability <10µRad/°C
Transverse Mode Structure No
Output Power Noise No
Output Power Noise (rms) No
Noise RMS(10Hz-5MHz) No
Noise RMS (10Hz – 100MHz) No
Output Power Stability No
Output Power Stability @ 25c No
Power Stability Over Temp. Range No
Operating Mode CW
Modulation Input Voltage (VDC) No
Modulation Signal No
Rise/fall times - analog (ns) No
Max Modulation Rate Analog No
Rise/fall times - digital (ns) No
Digital Rise Time 1µs
Max Modulation Rate Digital (MHz) >500kHz
Propagation Delay (ns) No
Modulation Input Impedance (ohms) No
Operating Voltage (VDC) 5
Max Operating Current (mA) No
Module Dimensions (Inch / mm) 3.02 x 0.75 in / 77 x 19.05 mm
Dimensions No
Head Dimensions No
TEC Current (Amps) No
TEC Voltage (VDC) No
Temperature No
Vibration (non operating) No
Shock No
Input Voltage No
Weight 0.1000
Warranty 1 Year

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