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SENZA 1064-2000

Quick Overview

1064 nm diode pumped solid state DPSS laser that emits single frequency IR laser light at 1064 nm
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The Senza produces inherently single longitudinal mode output and industry leading optical performance from a compact, stable design platform. Applications include NDT, Raman spectroscopy, IR imaging, remote sensing and interferometry.

Additional Information

Wavelength (nm) 1064
Output Parameter CW
Power (in mW) 2000
Max Power (in mW) No
Output Power Stability No
Output Power Stability @ 25c No
Power Stability Over Temp. Range No
Output Power Noise (rms) <0.3% (10Hz - 2MHz)
Noise RMS(10Hz-5MHz) No
Noise RMS(10Hz-20MHz) N/A
Output Power Noise No
Transverse Mode Structure TEMoo
M^2 / Beam Quality <1.05
Beam Size 0.7mm (±0.2) @ 10mm 1/e^2
Beam Shape Round
Ellipticity N/A
Beam Divergence (1/e2) No
Beam Properties Collimated
Beam Pointing Stability <10µRad/°C
Polarization State Linear
Polarization Orientation Vertical
Polarization Ratio >100:1
Spectral Width <2 MHz
Coherence Length No
Single Longitudinal Mode Yes
Operating Temp Range (celsius) No
Module Dimensions (Inch / mm) 225 x 246 x 110 mm
Head Dimensions 186 x 139 x 96 mm
Head Dimensions w/ Heat Sink No
Dimensions (in) No
Driver Dimensions w/ Heat Sink (mm) No
Weight 1.0010
Spatial Mode No
Operating Voltage (VDC) No
Operating Voltage (AC) 120 - 264
Heating Power No
Warm Up Time N/A
Computer Interface N/A
Laser Safety Class No
Warranty 1 Year

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