SYMPHONY 532-1000

Quick Overview

High power diode pumped solid state laser system
The Symphony series of lasers are high power diode pumped solid state laser systems (DPSS) that emit single frequency green laser light at 532nm. These systems are based on Power Technology’s patented iMAT laser technology providing diffraction limited beam quality, intrinsic single longitudinal mode output and industry leading optical performance all in a compact, proprietary design. Applications include holography, vibrometry, particle visualization, Ti:Sapphire laser pumping and forensics.

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Power (in mW)
Output Power Stability
<2% (4 HOURS)
Output Power Noise (rms)
<0.5% (10 Hz-10MHz)
Output Power Noise
<3% (10 Hz- 10 MHz)
Transverse Mode Structure
TEM00, M2 <1.05
Beam Size
Beam Shape
0.7mm(+/-0.2)@10mm 1/e2
Beam Divergence (1/e2)
<1 mrad 1/2 angle
Beam Pointing Stability
? 10 ?rad / °C
Polarisation Ratio
Single Longitudinal Mode
Spatial Mode
TEM00, M2 <1.05
Laser Safety Class