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450nm 1-40mW Blue Laser Diode Module, 5VDC Input
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The CPD Series laser modules are designed expressly to host laser diodes that do not have their own internal photodiode. The CPD overcomes this challenge by integrating an internal photodiode after a collimating lens. This configuration allows for Automatic Power Control (APC) mode of operation. APC Control is not available on a majority of competing DPSS lasers at these wavelengths. The stability of this configuration cannot be matched by inexpensive DPSS lasers.

The CPD module operates on 5VDC, unlike the 8VDC GPD module.

The CPD module can deliver from 1mW to 50mW of output power with a wavelength of 405nm to 520nm. Additional design features include great wavelength stability, excellent optical power stability, and CW output. Output power is adjustable by turning a potentiometer on rear of the unit.

Additional Information

Wavelength (nm) 450
Color Blue
Wavelength Tolerance 445-455
Power (in mW) 40
Output Parameter CW
Polarization Ratio >100:1, Linear
Polarization State Linear
Beam Size .92x2.3
Beam Shape Elliptical
Beam Divergence (1/e2) <1
Spatial Mode Single
User Focusable No
Beam Properties Collimated
Beam Pointing Stability <10µRad/°C
Transverse Mode Structure TEMoo
Noise RMS(10Hz-5MHz) <+/-0.5%
Output Power Stability @ 25c <±0.3%
Power Stability Over Temp. Range <+/-0.2%
Operating Mode CW
Operating Voltage (VDC) 5
Max Operating Current (mA) 400
Head Dimensions ø.495 x 2.00
Temperature 0 - 35
Vibration (non operating) 6 G (20 - 200Hz)
Warranty 1 Year

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