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IQ2 (Configurable Platform)

Quick Overview

IQ2 Instrumentation Quality laser module
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Choose your min and max parameters for Wavelength Range and Power Range, then select your desired Beam Centering option and an appropiate Lens for your application. The filtered diode options will display in the results table. Choose your diode and submit your RFQ.

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Instrumentation Quality laser with circular beam.

This is a configurable product. Users can configure the laser module platform with a laser diode to achieve the best product configuration for your application. Step 1:  In the box below, select your laser diode by entering the minimum and maximum wavelengths you can accept. The choices of laser diodes will change ;dynamically. make your diode selection by clicking the circle beside the laser diode part number. Step 2: enter the output power you desire. Step 3: Select a lens. Most users should select the default lens. This provides the best balance of price and performance. Step 4: Choose centering or no centering. Since this option increases the cost, you should choose centering only if it is essential for your application.  Final Step: Click submit RFQ and enter your brief contact information.  

Additional Information

Package 3.8mm, 5.6mm, 9mm, C MOUNT
Minimum Wavelength (in nm) 375
Max Wavelength (in nm) 1600
Minimum Power (in mW) .01
Max Power (in mW) 1200
Max Laser Drive Current 1200
User Focusable No
Polarization State Linear
Polarization Ratio >100:1 at 100% power
Beam Pointing Stability <6µRad/°C
Operating Temp Range (celsius) 5 - 40°
Operating Voltage (VDC) 5 - 13
Max Operating Current (mA) 3000
Weight 1.0001
Module Dimensions (Inch / mm) 1.50" x 7.49" (38mm x 191mm)
Dimensions 1.50" x 7.49" (38mm x 191mm)

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