For our customers with unique needs, we provide a variety of custom design electronic and electro-mechanical services. Our highly skilled workforce can take you from product concept to reality, from prototype to production. Whether you require a complete laser module or a laser subassembly for your product, we can help. Services include electronic subassembly (surface mount and/or through hole), mechanical subassembly or complete unit construction, and metal fabrication. We have the machinery, workforce, and know-how to handle large-scale production jobs, as well as R&D projects and prototype creation.

Core Capabilities

  • Complete Design Process from concept to product production
  • Mechanical, Optical, & Electrical Engineering Services
  • Thermal Analysis of products
  • CNC Machining (in house) with multiple CNC Lathes & Mills
  • Product Capacities from 1 to 100,000 units in house
  • Shock & Vibration Compliance
  • Space Qualifying Services available
  • RoHS Compliant Products
  • Laser Assembly via ISO 9000 and LEAN methods & practices
  • Laser Safety Standards in compliance with American National Standard for Safe Use of
  • Lasers, Federal Laser Products Performance Standards, and International Laser Safety
  • Class 2 International Electronic Assembly Standards

Measurement capabilities

  • Laser Wavelength Measurement accuracy up to ±0.02nm over a range of 214nm –1750nm
  • Spectral Line Widths (FWHM) down to 10MHz with 7.5MHz resolution
  • Laser Beam Profiling down to 20μm spot size over 200nm to 10,000nm (10μm)
  • Laser Beam Centration to 2mrad standard, 1mrad upon request
  • Beam Polarization Measurement to 150:1 or better upon request
  • Laser Power Measurement to Picowatt resolution, over 200nm to 10,000nm (10μm)
  • Environmental Testing over a range of -75 to +200° C
  • Pointing Stability Testing measured over numerous hours to micro-radian precision
  • Automated Test and Measurement with Data Logging – Extensive capabilities
  • Optical Noise Measurements
  • Laser Diode Parameter Testing – L/I curve generation for raw laser diodes


Military Defense

Medical Treatment

Scientific Applications

Machine Vision

Industrial Applications

Seminconductor Lasers