CHIPS and Science Act

CHIPS and Science ACT

The Laser Experts at Power Technology, Inc were recently interviewed for an Arkansas Economic Development Commission article surrounding the CHIPS and Science Act and how it affects the Arkansas economy. Read the article by clicking HERE.

In August 2022, The United States signed into law the new CHIPS and Science Act. This historic investment into American-made semiconductors looks to tackle supply-chain vulnerabilities while simultaneously tackling the reshoring of high-paying, high-tech, careers in the United States. Not only does this provide stability to our national supply chain, but it also helps to fund both technological innovation and scientific research, and strengthen our national security. The CHIPS and Science Act funds critical programs at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). The Laser Experts here at Power Technology, Inc are enthusiastic about the inclusion of High-Intensity Laser Research Initiative, which seeks to advance laser technologies in pursuit of scientific discovery and provide further national laboratory laser facilities.

An October 2022 set of export controls issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) either restricts or requires new licensure requirements for certain semiconductor and advanced chip manufacturing equipment from being exported to, or designed for end-users in China or other mentioned countries.

Not only are The Laser Experts at Power Technology, Inc staying well-informed on the changing high-tech semiconductor manufacturing landscape, but we are taking it one step further by implementing company-wide standards and controls to ensure compliance by our equipment and most importantly, our clients.

Additionally, Power Technology, Inc hosted and sponsored the Arkansas Semiconductor Business Leaders Conference, where important decision-makers from the photonics, academic, government, and manufacturing industries met to develop a plan and discuss the implications of the CHIPS and Science Act on Arkansas and extension, our customers across the globe. You can view the on-demand version of that webinar below.

The Switch To American-Made Lasers

Recent geopolitical risks and supply chain vulnerabilities have highlighted the importance of stability and reshoring American manufacturing. Many industries, especially those that manufacture semiconductors or other OEM equipment, could benefit exponentially by turning to Power Technology, Inc for precision laser solutions.

Founded in 1969, The Laser Experts at Power Technology, Inc is one of the oldest technology companies in Arkansas. Our clients in semiconductor inspection, masking, manufacturing, marking, wafer dicing, annealing, writing, and etching turn to us for our supply-chain stability, regulatory experience, custom laser design services, award-winning products, and an entirely USA-based team with over a half-decade of laser experience. Our equipment and strategies are all CHIPS Act and Export Controls compliant.

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Let The Laser Experts Handle Your Transition to American-Made Lasers and Photonics Equipment

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Custom-Made Laser Modules for OEMs and companies of all sizes

Custom Laser Solutions

For users seeking a specialized module outside of our standard product line, we perform many custom design and manufacturing services. We house a full-service machine shop, complete with milling and turning equipment capable of handling large-scale production jobs, as well as R&D projects and prototype creation. In addition, we can harness our in-house pick-and-place capabilities to construct a variety of detailed boards at rapid speed achieving both high and low volume production.