DPSS Lasers

Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers

DPSS lasers, including our LKG and NewV platforms, are a category of optically pumped lasers that utilize a laser diode to excite a laser crystal. This method leverages the narrow spectral linewidth and high brightness of diode lasers to maximize the absorption efficiency in the laser crystal, significantly enhancing the overall efficiency of the system. These characteristics make DPSS lasers a highly effective solution for a wide range of applications, combining high performance with the practical benefits of diode pumping.

On the cutting edge of our offerings is the NewV DPSS laser, an exclusive deep UV-C 261nm laser diode module. This specialized module represents a significant advancement in DPSS technology, providing a critical wavelength for applications in sterilization, photolithography, and scientific research where deep ultraviolet light is essential.

The LKG platform delivers green and yellow light, capitalizing on the efficiency and compact design that DPSS lasers are known for. Specifically engineered for applications requiring precise wavelength stability and accuracy, the LKG series is perfect for tasks such as Raman spectroscopy and detailed inspection.

Product NameColorWavelength (nm)PowerPower UnitsBeam Size @ Exit (mm)hf:att:pa_colorhf:att:pa_wavelength-nmhf:att:pa_powerhf:att:pa_beam-size-exit
LKG / B667
LKG / B667Yellow56150mW0.5yellow561500-5
LKG / B666
LKG / B666Green555350mW0.5green5553500-5
LKG / B665
LKG / B665Green555150mW0.5green5551500-5
LKG / B664
LKG / B664Green55550mW0.5green555500-5
LKG / B663
LKG / B663Green5455mW0.5green54550-5
LKG / B662
LKG / B662Green532200mW0.2green5322000-2
LKG / B661
LKG / B661Green532100mW0.2green5321000-2
LKG / B660
LKG / B660Green53250mW0.2green532500-2