Laser Diode Modules

Laser Diode Modules

High Precision Lasers (CK Series)

The instrumental quality CK laser module is designed to specifically address the needs of high-end OEM applications requiring superior optical quality, ultra-stable wavelength and output powers. The CK features an onboard microprocessor, allowing for advanced integration and user control. The mechanical design of the CK allows users to replace more expensive lasers without sacrificing performance.

Instrument Quality (IQ Series)

Power Technology’s Instrument Quality (IQ) series of laser diode modules are designed specifically to address the needs of high-end OEM applications that require superior optical quality and ultra-stable temperatures, wavelengths and output powers. All IQ lasers feature anultra-precise operating current source and a PID temperature control loop that creates less excess heat within the laser module, increasing diode lifetime, efficiency and reliability.

Machine Vision Lasers PNF & IQ7

The Power Technology machine vision portfolio includes the PNF and IQ7 and Grande modules.The PNF laser was designed expressly for 3D Machine vision applications including 3D profiling or mapping, dimensional scanning, high-speed rail or road inspection, web inspection and florescence. The uniform intensity line produced by the PNF directly supports these applications. The IQ7 dynamically reduces the laser’s coherent beam to ensure speckle reduction efficiency. The IQ7 dynamically reduces the lasers spatial coherence. This ensures the speckle is effectively eliminated.The device can be used in beam homogenization, 3-D scanning, metrology, microscopy and interferometry applications to remove local interferences. Additionally, we offer the Grande laser that provides up to 20 Watts of optical power for demanding applications that require high output powers.


The GWP is an entry-level cost and performance version of the Power Technology GPD product line, which include host laser diodes that do not have their own internal photodiode. The GWP is designed to operate in constant current mode, which also provides a more entry-level power stability option in the product portfolio.

USB-L, USB Powered laser

Powered and controlled via the USB interface. Modules in a wide range of wavelengths are available in either a round or elliptical beam shape configurations. Connecting via USB Micro Type B, designed to work with modern USB 2.0 connections (or later standards). All models offer consistent power, and a custom graphical user interface to control the power level and on/off state.

GPD Green Laser

The GPD Series laser modules are designed expressly to host laser diodes that do not have their own internal photodiode. The GPD overcomes this challenge by integrating an internal photodiode after a collimating lens. This configuration allows for Automatic Power Control (APC) mode of operation, which is not available on a majority of competing DPSS lasers at these wavelengths. The stability of this configuration cannot be matched by inexpensive DPSS lasers.

PM Laser - Industrial / Analytic

Power Technology’s PM family of lasers offers a variety of industrial-grade laser modules designed for use in standard or rugged OEM environments, and contains a precision current source ideal for applications demanding durability and stable output power.

Lower Cost Modules GS & RS

The RS and GS laser diode modules are designed for cost-sensitive applications. The red RS lasers operate in automatic power control mode, while the green GS units use another control method to maintain stable output powers.

Single Freq. Diode Laser Modules - IQ6

The IQ6 laser diode module is designed to address the needs of high-end OEM applications requiring narrow spectral widths and long coherence lengths. With wavelengths ranging from 390 to 2320nm, the IQ6 features a spectral width of < 5 MHz, and provides coherence lengths of more than 15 meters. The IQ6 laser features a precision current source and a PID temperature control loop that allows the unit to create less excess heat within the laser module, increasing diode lifetime, efficiency and reliability.

Lasers with Basic Optics

Power Technology offers a variety of quality laser modules with a single lens configuration.

Lasers w/ Circular Output Beam

Power Technology offers a variety of laser modules that produce high-quality circular beams. Several of our modules employ anamorphic prisms to correct for the naturally divergent, elliptical nature of beams produced by laser diodes, while others achieve beam circularization via micro-lens or by coupling the beam into a fiber optic.

Lasers w/ Modulation

Power Technology provides a variety of laser modules that offer both analog and TTL modulation options.

Lasers w/ Microprocessor Control

Power Technology offers microprocessor control over crucial operating parameters with on-board, menu driven, local control, or with Windows compatible control and monitoring software via USB or an RS-232 interface.

Laser Heads / Collimators

Power Technology offers standalone laser heads/collimators for use with laser diodes in a variety of configurations.


Power Technology’s LKG series of Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) lasers offer precise green and yellow light wavelengths ranging from 532 nm to 561 nm, with power outputs between 5 mW and 350 mW.

NewV - 261 nm Deep UV Laser

Power Technology’s NewV laser is a game changer in the field of ultraviolet (UV) lasers. Its unique deep UV light output of 261nm makes it suitable for various applications, including disinfection, Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence, and inspection. Unlike many other UV lasers, the NewV laser produces more than 10mW of continuous wave (CW) light output, making it ideal for applications that require stable and high-power output.