Scientific & Analytical Lasers

Scientific & Analytical Lasers


Power Technology, Inc. provides photonics-based solutions for a wide range of scientific applications including spectroscopy, microscopy, analysis and research.

PTI offers state-of-the-art lased based imaging systems that provide reliability, controllability and IQµ stability essential for scientific research. Our microprocessor controlled module offers precise control over crucial operating parameters by two methods: an on-board, menu driven, local control or a Windows compatible control and monitoring software via USB or RS-232 interface. The module is available with multiple wavelengths ranging from 375nm to 1600nm inside the same module package. With output powers of <1mW to 1W and ambient operating temperatures of 0 to 40° C, the module performs extremely well in numerous applications.

Our scientific portfolio supports developments in flow cytometry, laser-induced fluorescence, bioanalysis, interferometry, Raman spectroscopy, interferometry, high-resolution printing and microscopy.

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