Industrial Applications

Lasers for Industrial Applications

MANUFACTURING FOR Industrial Environments

Power Technology, Inc. produces lasers that feature rugged designs well suited for materials processing and extreme industrial environments.

PTI offers high-power, industrial grade precision lasers with wavelengths in Visible, 780nm, 808nm, 915nm, 976nm and 1064nm in power levels from 1mW to 8W. Our laser modules are beneficial for a number of industrial uses including large scale assembly, drilling and marking applications.

Our industrial strength laser series can operate in CW, TTL digital or analog modulation modes. The customized optics include various spot sized, collimated beams, even intensity line generators, pattern generators and Gaussian line generators with an active temperature control to ensure maximum wavelength stability.

Alignment & Pointing

  • Alignment with laser Line: RS with line generator (McMaster Spec #’s)
  • Alignment with dot or point of light: PM & RS
  • High-brightness lasers (Alignment with dot) for bright environments: GPD
  • PDU product line neatly organizes installations of multiple lasers

Water Resistant Lasers

The WRM series laser module delivers water resistant operation for harsh environments.

High Temperature Lasers

Lasers for Material Processing

  • ClearCut laser for cutting, welding copper, brass, gold and silver
  • Grande Laser for thin material processing.

Lasers for 24-48VDC Industrial Voltage

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Industrial Applications

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