CW Laser Drivers

CW Laser Modules

Power Technology’s newest line of laser diode drivers are precision current sources designed for the demanding requirements of high-power laser diode emitters, bars, and arrays. The compact form fits neatly into even the most space-limited applications. The drivers may drive single or multi-facet laser diodes up to a compliance voltage of 30V. Multiple configurations are available. The LDP series comes standard with several features that allow for external control via your control circuitry. The unit also features current monitoring terminals, diode protection upon shutdown, a soft start circuit, reverse polarity protection, and customer adjustable bias and current limit setting through a series of binary dip switches. This unit incorporates several new features like integrated dip switches that will not drift like potentiometers and a highly efficient heat sink. 

Product NameMax Operating CurrentOperating Current UnitsOperating VoltageOperating Voltage UnitsPricehf:att:pa_maximum-current-mahf:att:pa_operating-voltage
LDP-359250mA4.5 – 9.0VDCContact Us4-5-9-0
LDP-2522550mA3.3 – 9.0VDCContact Us25003-3-9-0
LDP-201150mA3.3 – 9.0VDCContact Us1603-3-9-0
LDP-234120mA3.3 – 9.0VDCContact Us3-3-9-0