Our Products

Laser Diode Modules

We offer an extensive selection of laser diode modules from low-cost options to those designed for high-end applications. Features can include beam circularization, temperature stabilization, continuous wave, pulsed, and modulated units.

DPSS Lasers

Power Technology offers a variety of diode-pumped solid-state lasers. Our DPSS lasers are based on patented Intra-cavity Impedance-Matched Amplification-Tuned (iMAT®) technology. It employs a complex dual cavity design that significantly increases 2nd harmonic conversion efficiency, produces an inherently diffraction limited output, and provides natural frequency selective performance.

HeNe Power Supplies

We offer a wide variety of precision control electronics for Helium Neon Laser tubes. They feature fully encased electronics, dual input voltage, and generate a relatively small amount of heat. AC and DC input voltages are supported.

Cinema Display Lasers

With 20x the lifespan of bulbs, the Illumina Cinema Laser System virtually eliminates the bulb replacement expenses while maintaining 80% of original brightness over 10 years. This saves thousands of dollars over a projector’s lifetime while providing brighter and more engaging experiences to a greater number of ticket-buying customers. Illumina easily exceeds the brightness requirements of today’s demanding 3D applications as well as the immersive cinema experiences of tomorrow.

Laser Drivers

We offer a variety of precision drive electronics for laser diodes.

Infrared Viewers

Power Technology infrared viewing devices are an excellent choice for observation of IR light emitted by sources like bulbs, LEDs and lasers.

Laser Diode Control Units

Power Technology’s Laser Diode Control Units (LDCUs) are turnkey power sources that contain U.S. government-mandated safety features for lasers. LDCUs enable us to offer original equipment manufacturers laser products as regulatory compliant complete laser systems.


Power Technology provides a wide variety of laser accessories and parts available for standalone purchase. From eyewear to mounting brackets, and lenses, and we have the right solution to complement your laser needs.

Lithography Lasers

The Power Technology Illumina Lithography Laser System is a user-friendly laser light source that gives you the right amount of light at the right wavelength in exactly the right spot. Engineered for exceptional lithographic performance, the Illumina features a convenient and durable fiber coupled output at a wavelength of 405 nm enabling high resolutions. With scalable power and up to 176 Watts, seven unique power levels guarantee the Illumina laser is a perfect match for your application.

Copper Cutting and Welding

The Power Technology ClearCut Laser Engine is optimized for spot welding, seam welding, powder sintering or cutting of copper, silver, gold and brass materials. The laser’s unique wavelength of 455 nm is optimized for maximum absorption.

Custom-made Laser Modules

Custom-Made Laser Modules for OEMs and companies of all sizes

Custom OEM Laser Solutions

For users seeking a specialized module outside of our standard product line, we perform many custom design and manufacturing services. We house a full-service machine shop, complete with milling and turning equipment capable of handling large-scale production jobs, as well as R&D projects and prototype creation. In addition, we can harness our in-house pick-and-place capabilities to construct a variety of detailed boards at rapid speed achieving both high and low volume production.