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Our precision lasers cover the red, blue, green, IR, and UV portions of the visible spectrum

Power Technology has been a powerhouse in the laser industry since our founding in 1969. We offer an impressive selection of laser diode modules, ranging from low-cost options to those custom-designed for high-end applications with wavelengths from 263 to 13,900nm. Allow our over 50 years of laser expertise to provide lasers for your machine vision, life science, metrology, industrial, pointing, semiconductor, raman, metal cutting / welding, lithography, or military/defense application. We make it easy to buy lasers online.

Red Laser Modules for Sale

Red Laser Diode Modules

Power Technology Inc. provides a variety of product lines to choose from when looking at purchasing red diode laser modules. Since 1969, our red laser modules have provided precision light to Interferometry, Holography, Machine Vision, Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy, Flow Cytometry, DNA Sequencing, Metrology, Optogenetics, PDT, Dental, Pointing, LiDAR, and many more applications. Our red laser selection includes modules that are highly-precise, feature PID temperature control loops, adjustable focus, digital or analog output, and so much more.

Blue Spectrum Laser Diode Modules and Customer Laser Solutions for sale in USA

Blue Laser Diode Modules

Power Technology, Inc has been manufacturing, designing, and distributing blue laser diode modules for companies in the microscopy, spectroscopy, laser printing, telecommunications, medical diagnostics, display, electronic equipment, and information technology industries since our inception. Our blue lasers, which emit light between 400nm and 488nm, range in package size and technical capabilities, allowing us to provide precisely the correct light source to our clients.

Green Lasers

Green Laser Diode Modules

From high-power materials processing and machine vision, to water-resistant manufacturing and food processing - our green laser modules have been serving clients in multiple industries around the globe since 1969. With a variety of features such as automatic power control, line generators, adjustable focus, circularized beam, and more - Power Technology’s green diode laser modules are bound to meet the demands of your upcoming green laser application.

Ultraviolet (UV) Lasers

Ultraviolet (UV) Laser Diode Modules

Historically, precise ultraviolet light has relied on gas-powered lasers. Recent technological advancements have allowed Power Technology, Inc to specialize in ultraviolet diode lasers with high-stability and optical efficiency. Our various product lines include many lasers in the UV wavelength range – tailor-made for applications ranging from lithography, medicine, micromachining, sanitation, semiconductor processing, and telecommunications.

Infrared (IR) Lasers

Infrared Laser Diode Modules

When infrared lasers come to mind, people typically think of applications in the military or defense sector. In fact, the primary usage of infrared light comes from laser target designators and precision-guided platforms. However, it is important to note the many applications outside of defense, like communications, spectroscopy, heavy-metal cutting/welding, scanning, and sensors which utilize infrared light to provide goods and services to their customers. No matter the package size, power requirements, or desired features - our precision infrared laser modules are fit for any job!

Not sure what color of laser your application needs?

Want to learn more about what laser module is the perfect fit for your upcoming application or project? Let The Laser Experts handle the heavy lifting. Our dedicated staff of Laser Experts would be more than happy to help determine exactly what laser you need. We have a variety of other diode options and features to choose from, far too numerous to list online. Contact us to learn more about our customized laser offerings today!

Our new ecommerce experience allows users to buy lasers online, no matter the wavelength or features necessary for their application. If you are looking to buy laser diode modules, laser accessories, Helium-Neon power supplies, or have any other laser needs, shop with The Laser Experts. Buy lasers by their color or wavelength by browsing the products above. If you are not finding what you are looking for, simply get in contact with us and we will help find or customize the laser equipment for any job, big or small. Our Arkansas, USA laser manufacturing facility is capable of supporting any company’s photonics efforts. We design, manufacture, test, and distribute laser products worldwide all in-house. Our dedicated team of laser and optics engineers, product managers, technicians, and sales engineers make finding the right laser for your application easy.

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