Special Projects

Special Projects

For our customers with unique needs that require laser diode products outside of our standard product lines, we provide a variety of custom design electronic and electro-mechanical services. Our highly skilled workforce can take you from product concept to reality, from prototype to production. Whether you require complete unit manufacturing, or you need only a specialized part for your product, we can help.

Services include electronic subassembly (surface mount and/or through hole), mechanical subassembly or complete unit construction, and metal fabrication. We have the machinery, workforce, and know-how to handle large-scale production jobs, as well as R&D projects and prototype creation.

The following are a few special projects that we’ve take on, projects that fall outside of our standard product line, many of which developed out of a user’s own unique need for something different.


One special project we’ve put our efforts into is the dual beam combiner. The dual beam combiner merges the output of two diodes into a unique, co-linear beam. We use a polarizing beamsplitter in a reversed configuration to combine the beams. Two beams enter the beamsplitter and emerge as a single collimated beam. While the combining of beams in this manner is nothing new, the real trick lies in the alignment of the two input beams in 3D space.

One advantage of beam combining is that merging similar wavelengths will double the power available at that wavelength. Another advantage is that it allows users to merge two different wavelengths, whether ultraviolet, visible, or infrared. For example, certain applications require the alignment of infrared beams. Dual beam combining enables users to mix infrared and visible wavelengths for an easy means of alignment.

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