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From basic lasers with single optics to modulated line generators, diode pumped solid state lasers, extreme environments and everything in between. A good starting place for those who are searching for a laser based off specific requirements or necessary features.

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Browse the entire online catalog of our laser platforms. Laser diode modules, laser diode drivers, complete laser systems & more. Explore different products, platforms and what makes them unique from other lasers. Helpful for those who are just beginning the search for the right laser.

HeNe Power Supplies

We offer a wide variety of precision control electronics for Helium Neon Laser tubes. They feature fully encased electronics, dual input voltage, and generate a relatively small amount of heat. Plug-and-play compatibility with the world's largest HeNe laser tube brands are supported. Learn more now!

Infrared Viewers & Other Laser Accessories

Power Technology provides a wide variety of laser accessories and parts available for standalone purchase. From eyewear to mounting brackets, and lenses, and we have the right solution to complement your laser needs. Plus - our infrared viewers are highly sought after for their performance.

Custom-made Laser Modules:

Custom OEM Laser Solutions

For users seeking a specialized module outside of our standard product line, we perform many custom design and manufacturing services. We house a full-service machine shop, complete with milling and turning equipment capable of handling large-scale production jobs, as well as R&D projects and prototype creation. In addition, we can harness our in-house pick-and-place capabilities to construct a variety of detailed boards at rapid speed achieving both high and low volume production.