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Lasers for Military Defense

Lasers built for military & security applications

Power Technology, Inc. is an ITAR registered manufacturer that provides tactical lasers and laser-based solutions for Defense, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement applications. We have experience working with some of the world’s largest aerospace, defense, and electronics companies. Our vertically-integrated organization allows for full customization at every step. Our in-house optical, mechanical, and electronic design teams work in cooperation with our own metal fabrication machinery to provide a variety of unique and custom capabilities requirements.

Power Technology, Inc. produces lasers that feature rugged designs well suited for materials processing and extreme industrial environments. Featuring a wide variety of wavelengths and power levels, our generous selection of lasers for military, lasers for national defense, and lasers for security applications are ITAR, CFR 1040, and IEC compliant, among other certifications and regulatory requirements.

Multispectral imaging, spectrometers, holographic imaging, target designation, rangefinding, illumination and Direct Infrared Counermeasures (DIRCM) are just a small selection of the imaging sensors & optics, ultraviolet optoelectronics, sensor protection, high energy lasers, tactical lasers,

Power Technology offers:

  • High-power, industrial grade precision lasers with wavelengths ranging from 261nm to 14µm. Notable performance for defense and security applications in Visible light, 375nm, 532nm,635nm,  780nm, 808nm, 830nm, 850nm, 915nm, 976nm and 1064nm, 1550nm, 1930nm, 2330nm, >3000nm wavelength.
  • Power levels from 1mW to 10W+
  • Lasers that are beneficial for large scale assembly, drilling and marking applications
  • Industrial strength laser series can operate in CW, TTL digital or analog modulation modes
  • Customized optics include various spot sizes, collimated beams, even intensity line generators, pattern generators and Gaussian line generators with an active
    temperature control to ensure maximum wavelength stability

Military Laser Applications by Wavelength

1064nm pulsed
Red, green & blue

Detection of Anthrax
Daylight visible aiming/pointing
IR illumination, pointing, and aiming
Testing of missile guidance systems
Target designation
Range finding
Calibration of FLIR systems
Blind to NVG and FLIR
IR counter measures
Simulation and training via VR projection

Stay up to date on lasers for military and defense

Photonics Research Center at West Point, United States Military Academy
“The Photonics Research Center (PRC) is West Point’s home to photonics and optics experts from diverse fields of study. Here we conduct cutting edge research into producing and harnessing the power of ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light. Photonics is a large discipline and encompasses lasers, imaging, fiber optics, night vision, and remote sensing among others.”

Custom-Made Laser Modules for OEMs and companies of all sizes

Custom Military / Defense Laser Solutions

For users seeking a specialized module outside of our standard product line, we perform many custom design and manufacturing services. We house a full-service machine shop, complete with milling and turning equipment capable of handling large-scale production jobs, as well as R&D projects and prototype creation. In addition, we can harness our in-house pick-and-place capabilities to construct a variety of detailed boards at rapid speed achieving both high and low volume production.

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