High Powered Lasers

High Powered Lasers

pot welding, seam welding, powder sintering or cutting of copper, silver, gold and brass metal cutting lasers

At Power Technology, Inc., we pride ourselves on our high-powered laser solutions, particularly with our Grande and ClearCut series, which are designed to meet the rigorous demands of various applications requiring maximum output and precision.

The Grande series lasers are robust workhorses offering up to 20 Watts of optical power, making them ideal for demanding applications that require high output powers such as light materials processing. They feature advanced control through an internal microprocessor and an LCD display that provides essential real-time data on power, current settings, and internal temperature, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

On the other hand, our ClearCut Laser Engines are engineered for even more intensive tasks, with power outputs ranging from 110 Watts to over 700 Watts. These lasers are specifically optimized for high-efficiency materials processing, including spot welding, seam welding, and cutting of precious metals like copper, silver, and gold. The ClearCut’s unique wavelengths of 450 nm to 455 nm allow for maximum absorption, making these lasers up to 20 times faster and more efficient than traditional lasers used in similar applications. Their air-cooled design facilitates easy integration into various systems without the need for external cooling solutions.

Both the Grande and ClearCut series exemplify our commitment to high-performance laser technology tailored for industrial strength and precision.

Product NameColorWavelength (nm)PowerPower UnitsPricehf:att:pa_colorhf:att:pa_wavelength-nmhf:att:pa_powerhf:att:pa_operating-voltage
ClearCut700 - Low BPP - High Brightness
ClearCut700 – Low BPP – High BrightnessBlue445700WContact Usblue445700110-240
ClearCut400 - Low BPP - High Brightness
ClearCut400 – Low BPP – High BrightnessBlue445400WContact Usblue445400110-240
ClearCut300 - Low BPP - High Brightness
ClearCut300 – Low BPP – High BrightnessBlue445300WContact Usblue445300110-240
ClearCut110 - Low BPP - High Brightness
ClearCut110 – Low BPP – High BrightnessBlue445110WContact Usblue445110110-240
ClearCut540Blue450540WContact Usblue450540110-240
ClearCut360Blue450360WContact Usblue450360110-240
ClearCut180Blue450180WContact Usblue450180110-240
ClearCut90Blue45090WContact Usblue45090110-240
ClearCut50BBlue45050WContact Usblue45050110-240
ClearCut50ABlue45050WContact Usblue45050110-240
ClearCut25Blue45025WContact Usblue45025110-240
532nm High Powered Laser, Grande Power Technology Inc
Grande0.9(532-1)Green532900mWContact Usgreen5329008
Grande Laser Module High Power
Grande2(639-2)G50Red6391.48WContact Usred6391-485
Grande Laser Module High Power
Grande0.7(635-0.7)G50Red635650mWContact Usred6356505
Grande Laser Module High Power
Grande1(515-0.9)Green5151WContact Usgreen51518
Grande Laser Module High Power
Grande10(808-10)G53Infrared80810WContact Usinfrared808105
Grande Laser Module High Power
Grande10(980-10)G53Infrared98010WContact Usinfrared980105
Grande Laser Module High Power
Grande1(915-10)G53Infrared91510WContact Usinfrared915105
Grande Laser Module High Power
Grande3(450-3)Blue4503WContact Usblue45038
Grande Laser Module High Power
Grande5(980-5)G53Infrared9805WContact Usinfrared98055
Grande Laser Module High Power
Grande5(915-5)G53Infrared9155WContact Usinfrared91555