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lasers with basic optics 1x 2x collimated lenses nm mw buy online laser pulser usb red green blue ir uv

Basic & Single Optics Lasers

Power Technology offers a variety of quality laser modules with a single lens configuration. Utilize filters to sort through based off your specifications or needs.

Continuous Wave (CW)

Our range of CW (Continuous Wave) lasers emit a steady and uninterrupted beam of light, making them highly suitable for applications that demand consistent light intensity.

Line Generation lasers

Our line generating laser modules are designed for high-precision applications that require a uniform and straight line projection. These lasers are commonly used in alignment, machine vision, construction, and other industrial applications.

USB Powered & Controlled

Powered and controlled via the USB interface. Modules in a wide range of wavelengths are available in either a round or elliptical beam shape configurations. All models offer consistent power, and a custom graphical user interface to control the power level and on/off state.

Separated Geometry & Laser Heads

Power Technology offers standalone laser heads and collimators for use with laser diodes in a variety of configurations, as well as separated geometry lasers.

Extreme Environments

From searing heat to the depths of the ocean, these lasers are your reliable partners. Expect a broad spectrum of wavelengths, superior lifetime, and reduced operational costs, all while ensuring environmental resistance and high-performance levels in temperatures ranging up to 175 degrees Celsius.

pot welding, seam welding, powder sintering or cutting of copper, silver, gold and brass metal cutting lasers

Metals Processing Lasers

The Power Technology ClearCut Laser Engine is optimized for spot welding, seam welding, powder sintering or cutting of copper, silver, gold and brass materials. Plus, our Grande laser module provides all the power needed for light work.

low cost high volume green red laser industry basic affordable lasers

Lower Cost Modules

The RS and GS laser diode modules are designed for cost-sensitive applications. The red RS lasers operate in automatic power control mode, while the green GS units use another control method to maintain stable output powers.

pot welding, seam welding, powder sintering or cutting of copper, silver, gold and brass metal cutting lasers

High Powered Lasers

We pride ourselves on our high-powered laser solutions, particularly with our Grande and ClearCut series, which are designed to meet the rigorous demands of various applications requiring maximum output and precision.

Modulated Lasers

Analog TTL modulation uses an analog voltage signal to control the laser’s output. Digital TTL modulation, on the other hand, uses a digital signal to control the laser’s output.

small compact laser diode module packages mw nm red blue green ir uv

Compact Lasers

Our compact lasers are available in a wide array of wavelengths including infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), red, green, and blue, ensuring solutions for every requirement from medical imaging to industrial machining. In addition, their broad spectrum of power levels accommodate everything from delicate, precision tasks to more robust, high-power applications.

Diode-Pumped Solid-State

Power Technology’s LKG series of Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) lasers offer precise green and yellow light wavelengths ranging from 532 nm to 561 nm, with power outputs between 5 mW and 350 mW.

beam correction circular laser beam anamorphic prism circularized quality

Circular Output Beam Lasers

We offer a variety of laser modules that produce high-quality circular beams. Several of our modules employ anamorphic prisms to correct for the naturally divergent, elliptical nature of beams produced by laser diodes, while others achieve beam circularization via micro-lens or by coupling the beam into a fiber optic.

Water Resistant Module - IP67 Lasers nm mW green blue red ir uv deep waterproof

Water Resistant Lasers - IP67

The WRM series laser module delivers water resistant operation for harsh environments. As an IP67 rated device it is designed to prevent the ‘ingress’ of both particles and liquids. The WRM is designed to be dust tight. It can deliver from 0.1 mW to 150mW of output power with a wavelength range between 450nm and 980nm.

computer controlled microprocessor lasers fast speed modulation interface usb

Microprocessor controlled

Power Technology offers microprocessor control over crucial operating parameters with on-board, menu driven, local control, or with Windows compatible control and monitoring software via USB or an RS-232 interface.

Single Freq. Diode Lasers

Our laser diode modules are designed to address the needs of high-end OEM applications requiring narrow spectral widths and long coherence lengths.

laser light source for movie theaters and other large scale applications multi theater

Cinema Laser Light Sources

With 20x the lifespan of bulbs, the Illumina Cinema Laser System virtually eliminates the bulb replacement expenses while maintaining 80% of original brightness over 10 years.

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