Power Technology Announces New Green Laser Diode Solutions for Gun Sights

Power Technology Announces New Green Laser Diode Solutions for Gun Sights

LITTLE ROCK, AR, February 23, 2011 – Power Technology, Inc. (PTI), a leader in the Photonics Industry for over 40 years, announces the availability of Green Laser Diode modules for weapons sight applications.

The 517nm 5mW Green Laser Diode modules offer unmatched brightness compared to other diode laser products. PTI’s solution has four distinct advantages: 1) it operates from a single CR123 battery, 2) it provides 10 times the operating time of competing DPSS products, 3) the solution is robust and rugged unlike competing products that use delicate crystal assemblies, and 4) it maintains brightness over wide operating temperatures. These new laser modules have been engineered specifically to address the needs of high-end sighting applications requiring superior optical quality and stable output powers. The modules produce a small beam that does not expand significantly over long distances. Modules are available for both short range and long range sighting. The optical head measures only 7mm in diameter by 19mm in length with electronics located remotely. Optional red and IR wavelengths can be integrated for day/night sight (DNS) performance.

Walter Burgess, VP of Sales and Engineering, stated, “The solution we are offering solves many of the integration issues that sight manufacturers face every day. Current green laser diode technology is not compatible with the infrastructure found in today’s red and green laser sights. PTI’s approach solves this problem by offering a platform containing laser, lens and electronics compatible with single CR123 battery”.

For additional information on PTI’s new green laser diode modules, contact Glenn Sullivan at gsullivan@powertechnology.com or via phone at 501 407-0712, x253. For information on our complete line of laser diode modules, contact our team of professional Sales Engineers at sales@powertechnology.com or via phone at (501) 407-0712.

Power Technology, Inc., established in 1969, designs, manufactures, and distributes laser diode products for Fortune 500 and other companies which include OEM analytical, biomedical, industrial, semiconductor inspection, defense & security and machine vision applications. Products include laser diode modules with wavelengths from 263nm to 13,900nm that span the UV, Blue, Green, Red and Infrared range, temperature stabilized modules, lasers with beam circularization, and CW, pulsed, and modulated lasers. PTI also represents Sanyo and Opnext (formerly Hitachi) laser diodes as a factory authorized distributor.


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