The future is bright now! Power Technology Brings Four Decades of Laser Expertise to Cinema Projection

The future is bright now! Power Technology Brings Four Decades of Laser Expertise to Cinema Projection

Power Technology Brings Four Decades of Laser Expertise to Cinema Projection


The Future is Bright Now

Little Rock, AR March 23, 2015 – Power Technology, Inc., a global leader of the applied laser and photonics industry, today releases a new laser light source for cinema projectors. The impressively engineered Illumina Cinema Laser System replaces outdated bulb technology to bring 65,000 lumens or more to theater screens across the world.

Slumping Ticket Sales

Last year alone, movie ticket sales dropped by over 300,000,000 tickets. Movie audiences, movie theater owners, and artists alike are demanding brighter more vivid experiences on the screen. With standard xenon bulb-based projectors, approximately 20% of light produced actually makes it to the audiences’ eyes during a modern 3D movie. Xenon has reached its brightness limits. Ever bigger screens and better 3D demand a brighter light source.

Lasers To The Rescue

Projector manufacturers have been searching for years for a cost-effective fix to this problem. Laser illuminated projection by the Illumina Cinema Laser System offers the best solution to meet cinema owner, artist and audience demands. Specifically, with Illumina bringing a wider array of color possibilities and brighter, speckle-free light to the screen, audiences experience cinema the way artists envision.  And, that is an experience that gets people out of their living room and back to the movies. Illumina can affordably pump more high-quality light right where everyone wants it… on the screen.

Any screen

Illumina is built to be easily customizable for any size theater screen. Cinema owners with a larger screen or simply a need for more lumens on their current screen simply add an additional Illumina module. As an applied laser engineering company, Power Technology knows that cost matters and has designed Illumina to last 20x the lifespan of xenon bulbs reducing the overall cost of ownership significantly.

Outstanding In Their Field

 “We’ve been laser experts for over 45 years. There are outstanding projector manufacturers out there who know how to put beautiful content on a screen. We look forward to working with them to light up theater screens with the most stunning and immersive cinema experiences possible” said Walter Burgess Vice President of Engineering for Power Technology.

See It And Believe It

The Illumina Cinema Laser System will be demonstrated at an invitation-only event to be held on March 30, 2015. To request an invitation or for more information please email Kris Hesson at

About Power Technology

Power Technology, Inc., established in 1969, is a leading designer and manufacturer of laser diode products for OEM, cinema, analytical, biomedical, industrial, semiconductor inspection, defense & security, and machine vision applications.


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