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Are you in the market for a laser for your application, but have found no specific model that fits your requirements? No worries – Since 1969, Power Technology, Inc. has been trusted by some of the most advanced companies in the world to design, manufacture and distribute advanced laser technology. We are capable of customizing laser modules to your exact specifications. Our modules have been used in biomedical, defense, machine vision, scientific, analytical and so many other industries that require high-fidelity, stable, laser light sources.

Many of our precision lasers products utilize wavelengths ranging from 261nm to 12µm, with power levels from 1mW to 100W+ – however, we are able to accommodate custom requirements outside these parameters. Power Technology, Inc. produces lasers that feature rugged designs well suited for materials processing and extreme industrial environments. Featuring a wide variety of wavelengths and power levels, our generous selection of lasers for military, lasers for national defense, and lasers for security applications are ITAR, CFR 1040, and IEC compliant, among other certifications and regulatory requirements.

As a laser supplier to medical providers and medical equipment providers, our products have been used in numerous ways to improve the quality of life for their patients. Our lasers are beneficial for MRI and X-Ray patient alignment, cellular & tissue fluorescence, DNA analysis, particle & droplet sizing, flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, medical imaging, X-Ray film marking, blood analysis, confocal microscopy and as a pointing source for surgical lasers.

Our customized optics include various spot sizes, collimated beams, even intensity line generators, pattern generators and Gaussian line generators with an active temperature control to ensure maximum wavelength stability. Our compact laser vision modules allow for integration into many existing environments. From retrofitting of existing manufacturing facilities to R&D of new automation technology with pulsed or continuous wave lasers, Power Technology and The Laser Experts are a one-stop laser shop.

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Wavelengths ranging from 261nm to 12µm | See how we can help.
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