The greatest challenge currently facing projector manufacturers is delivering more brightness on the screen at an economical price. The limitations of xenon bulbs have contributed to the decay of audience attendance and screen size growth. That ends now. With 20x the lifespan of bulbs, the Illumina Cinema Laser System eliminates the never-ending bulb replacement expenses while maintaining 80% of original brightness over 10 years. This saves thousands of dollars over a projector’s lifetime while providing brighter and more engaging experiences to a greater number of ticket-buying customers. Illumina easily exceeds the brightness requirements of today’s demanding 3D applications as well as the immersive cinema experiences of tomorrow. Illumina is engineered to virtually eliminate speckle while simultaneously increasing the available color gamut for a richer cinema experience. Scalability allows manufacturers and theater owners to choose the right amount of light for the right projector at the right price. From small art house screens to giant cineplexes, the Illumina Cinema Laser System provides between 10,000 and 65,000 lumens of DC65 compliant white light exactly where you need it… on the screen. Call or email today to find out how laser illuminated projection with the Illumina Cinema Laser System can bring your theater experience into the brightest future possible, right now.

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Red/Green/Blue simultaneously

Number of Primary Colors


Output Power Lumens


Beam Shape


Operating Mode


Input Voltage (AC)

90 – 240

Max Operating Current (mA)

000 (32A), 32

AC Input Frequency

50/60 Hz

Exhaust CFM

90 CFM for each rack

Audible Noise

68 dBm

Cabinet Size

Standard 19" Rack


5.3 x 17 x 20 inches

19" Rack Spaces

2U + 3U


10 – 35°C

Product Weight


Laser Safety Class




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iLLUMINA Laser Illuminated Projection Light Source (65k Lumens)

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65,000 Lumen Light Source for Laser Illuminated Projection

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