The Laser Diode Control Unit (LDCU) is a CE-compliant turnkey power source that contains U.S. government-mandated safety features. The LDCU enables us to offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) laser products as complete laser systems.

An OEM product is one that is sold for integration into another product. OEM products do not incorporate government-mandated safety features. Original equipment manufacturers may purchase these products without any accompanying safety features or power supplies and are responsible for integrating their own safety features.

End users, however, must purchase an LDCU along with their laser module to meet U.S. government requirements for laser systems. A complete laser system is exactly what its name implies: a system complete with laser module, power source, and required safety features. End users are defined as those not directly integrating a laser module into another product. This description includes universities, research settings, and those using laser modules on optical benches.

The LDCU incorporates the following safety features to comply with government regulations for class 3B (or below) laser systems: a power on/off key switch, emission indicator, beam blocker, and remote interlock and connector. Class 4 LDCU systems also include these safety features, in addition to a manual 5-second activation delay on the front panel.

We offer several versions of the LDCU, each accommodating laser modules with one of the following output voltages: 3.3, 5, 8, and 12VDC. Input voltages of 120 and 220VAC are available. A DB-9 (9-pin) connector is located on the rear panel of the LDCU. A bare wire adapter is available should your laser module not have a DB-9 connector installed.

We have integrated all required safety features into the LDCU. Operating a laser head without an LDCU is contrary to government regulations.

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5V DC power source for Laser Modules. Compliant with CDRH regulations for ‘End Users’. 100-220VAC input

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