The HCU Series HeNe power supply is a current regulated, switching mode, dual input high voltage power supply for operating helium neon lasers from AC input voltages of 100-130 VAC and 200-260 VAC. This benchtop unit is ideal for laboratory environments. The need for extra wiring has been eliminated in this easy to use, fully enclosed unit. The HCU utilizes a key switch emission control, a low voltage remote inter- lock connector, and a laser emission indicator LED to add to the ease of use and functionality of the product. 

This product is customized to your specific requirements and is backwards compatible with most HeNe tubes on the market. It will be shipped with the specifications you select here. See data sheet for more information.

Power Technology announces its AC-powered Helium-Neon (HeNe) HCU power supplies now have in-stock availability, cutting lead times to a fraction of competitive market trends.

“We are extremely excited to provide on-demand service with in-stock availability of power supplies to energize virtually all HeNe tubes on the market,” said William Burgess, co-CEO of Power Technology. “HeNe power supplies are integral to our company’s history from the very beginning in 1969, and we are proud to be the leader in service today.”

The in-stock availability applies to all benchtop AC-powered HCU HeNe units in the Power Technology portfolio. Lead times will fall to as little as one to two weeks compared to previously expected times, which offers a clear difference in the market.

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Input Voltage

100 – 130 or 200 – 260VAC

Output Voltage Range

1250 – 2000V, 1600 – 2100V, 2000 – 2800V, 2200 – 2800V, 3000 – 3800V

Output Power

20 – 40W

Operating Mode


Start Voltage

>10kV, >8kV, >12kV

Set Current

4.9mA, 7.0ma, 6.0mA, 5.25mA, 4.5mA, 4.0mA, 6.5mA, 3.5mA, 5.0mA

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Benchtop Helium-Neon Laser Power Supply – HCU


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